Puppy Lifestyle Shoot: Jill + Drew + Bueller

In case you were sitting on the edge of your seat after last week’s Sneak Peek, here is more of Jill, Drew, and their ham of a puppy, Bueller!

As a lifestyle and newborn photographer, Jill Carmel knows a thing or two about posing families and newborns. Because we love shooting our friends, Jill thought it was a marvelous idea to take modern family portraits using Beuller as a stand-in for a newborn.

He lived up to the challenge, and gives a few cute babies some competition! See their totally adorable shoot below.
boston terrier photos lifestyle portrait sacramento

photography poses newborn

Feet! Baby feet are always cute, but we think puppy paws might be cuter!

cute lifestyle portrait families with pets boston terrier modern photos

Slobbery dog face or crying baby face? This one definitely is funnier!

modern family photography

funny dog photos

Sometimes doggie bathtime can be a pain…. just set to pots and pans and you’re ready to go! (No Buellers or dishwashers were harmed in the taking of this photo)

cute family with dog

dog photographed like newborn

All wrapped up and nowhere to go! Bueller finds himself swaddled and doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

cute puppy in a blanket


Time to buy some frames and hang it over the mantle! We love shooting Jill and Drew, but Bueller might just have won our hearts.

xoxo – Milou + Olin


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  1. Fur-Babies says:

    […] me if I would take pictures of her, Josh and the fur-babies, I was all in. Plus, she offered to photograph me with Bueller, and really, how could I […]

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