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When Leslie Kelly first came to the Boudoir by Olin Photography studio in Sacramento, her vibrant energy was felt throughout the room. She was upbeat, effervescent and full of humor, all while radiating positivity and joy. Being a single mother of two teenagers and going through menopause, Leslie had plenty on her plate but she knew that now was the perfect time to make memories that celebrated who she is. That’s why she decided to book her session with Olin, a Sacramento boudoir photographer.

woman in lacy white robe on bed smiling for Sacramento boudoir photographer

During Leslie’s Session with Sacramento Boudoir Photographer

During her shoot, Leslie donned these beautiful pants and radiated self-confidence. It’s clear she takes pride in having good skin and it truly showed during her session at Boudoir by Olin, a Sacramento Boudoir photographer. Her bubbly personality shined through each frame as Olin captured the beauty of Leslie’s boudoir experience — it was more than just taking pictures, it was a moment of reflection, self love and celebration.

Woman in black fishnet bodysuit posing for sacramento boudoir photographer

About Leslie

Leslie loves sleeping and working out; however, she wanted to do something fun rather than just lifting weights or dancing around her living room. To get some needed excitement every week, Leslie made sure to have dinner with her girlfriends. Although traveling has been hard for her lately due to all the commitments on her plate, she still felt it necessary to embrace herself in order to truly celebrate life in its current phase.

woman with brown hair in beige and cream photo set, posing on knees wearing white lacy robe

Where did Leslie find her Sacramento Boudoir Photographer

After scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, Leslie stumbled upon Olin Photography’s page which immediately caught her attention due to their body positive messaging and vibe. She wanted this boudoir experience not only for the photos but also for an opportunity to accept herself no matter what phase of life she is currently experiencing — after all, we should always take time to celebrate ourselves!

The result of Leslie’s boudoir session with Sacramento Boudoir Photographer, Olin, was a powerful reminder that every woman should take time out of their lives to embrace themselves and their beauty no matter what life throws at them. Now more than ever, this message of self-love needs to be spread throughout our community!

woman with brown hair in teal bodysuit on green couch posing for sacramento boudoir photographer

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