Haley + Devon’s Sacramento Engagement Session at Ro Sham Beaux

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Love stories are as unique as the individuals who share them. Capturing these special moments is a privilege for any photographer. At Milou and Olin Photography, we had the pleasure of documenting the beautiful love story of Haley and Devon during their Sacramento engagement session. This extraordinary session took place at the charming wine bar, Ro Sham Beaux. Located in downtown Sacramento, and culminated in a surprise customized photoshoot at a secret location featuring the couple’s beloved Corvette.

A Magical Setting at Ro Sham Beaux:

Ro Sham Beaux, with its rustic yet modern ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for Haley and Devon’s Sacramento engagement session. The warm tones, elegant decor, and intimate lighting of the win bar exuded an air of romance, setting the stage for a memorable photoshoot. The talented photographers at Milou and Olin Photography captured the couple’s love and chemistry against the unique and artistic setting. The results ending in breathtaking images that showcased their genuine connection.

Adding a Personalized Touch:

To make their Sacramento engagement session truly one-of-a-kind, we collaborated with Haley and Devon to incorporate their passion for adventure and their prized possession. A stunning Corvette was the ending feature to this wonderful session. As the session at Ro Sham Beaux came to a close, we surprised the couple with a secret location. The modern picturesque backdrop of the hidden location perfectly complemented the elegance of the Corvette. This addition influenced creating a captivating juxtaposition of love and horsepower.

Capturing Love and Adventure:

Throughout the session, Milou and Olin Photography expertly captured the essence of Haley and Devon’s relationship. Every stolen glance, every shared laugh, and every tender embrace was documented with meticulous attention to detail. The photographers’ ability to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere allowed the couple’s personalities to shine through. Resulting in authentic and heartfelt photographs.

A Lasting Memory:

Engagement sessions are more than just beautiful photographs. They are an opportunity for couples to create lasting memories before embarking on their journey together as a married couple. Haley and Devon’s Sacramento engagement session, with its blend of urban charm, romance, and personalized elements, will forever be a cherished keepsake of their love story.

Haley and Devon’s Sacramento engagement session at Ro Sham Beaux was an incredible experience filled with love, adventure, and personalized touches. The unique setting, combined with the surprise location featuring their Corvette, allowed Milou and Olin Photography to capture the couple’s love story in a way that truly reflected their personalities. The result was a collection of stunning photographs. These photographs will serve as a lasting memory of this special time in their lives. At Milou and Olin Photography, we feel honored to have been a part of their journey. We look forward to capturing more magical moments for couples in the future.

Sacramento engagement session with woman in all white with blonde hair and green eyes, with man in black suit

sacramento engagement session with engagement ring. woman with blonde hair in all white with hot pick nails

man whispering in woman's ear while drinking wine at a sacramento wine bar

stylistic outdoor, city, engagement photography session in Sacramento california

Sacramento engagement session featuring Black corvette

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