Glitz and Glamour Themed Wedding

The lovebirds of the day are Brooke and Steve. The two had their fairytale wedding at the Calistoga Ranch in Novemeber. This lovely couple was full of life, and wonderful amounts of love. They were continuously telling jokes, and having a great time, with each other and their amazing friends. There was never a dull moment as the kept the laughs and good times rolling. The theme of the wedding was classic with a tinge of modern inspiration. Brooke had amazing selections of bouquets and center pieces, which were comprised of an assortment of colorful flowers, and each piece exemplified the beautiful couple’s unity and flourishing love. Every little moment, from the bride’s preparations with the bridesmaids and getting dressed before the wedding, to the presentation of the rings, Brooke and Steve were genuinely creating some of their own magical moments. Most of my shots were of the couple in their own world, and in those split-seconds I was able to catch a glimpse into it. Honestly Brooke and Steve made my job extremely easy. The pure nature of the couple’s love was astounding and each kiss, and hug that was given was like it was their last! They were passionate and yet delicate, loving and yet strong. The two best friends, were the epitome of hashtag #relationshipgoals.


How gorgeous in this head piece? Gives a whole new meaning to ice blonde 😉

Hey, we won’t judge your selfie time—in fact we encourage it!


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