Heather and Travis: An Antique-Style Ranch Wedding

We’re back with more from Heather and Travis’ fabulous DIY Ranch wedding! There are so many wonderful details, all so perfectly placed, we can’t decide what we like best!! Not only did Heather and Travis have the most beautiful bash, but they were so full of energy and love that the day flew by like a dream!

You won’t believe the pretty details in store at this antique-styled reception at Dawn Ranch Lodge!

vintage diy wedding

What a fancy place to sit! It’s like a colorful tea room wandered outside…

wedding photography california ranch

It’s the little details that add up to a memorable day; their pendant banner set the stage for a sweet after-dinner dessert bar to be unveiled later in the night.

photography wedding DIY sign

Who doesn’t like a witty little fill-in-the-blank card? It takes all the awkwardness out of finding the right way to wish the happy couple well!

wedding photography california flowers


DIY tables reception photography

Simple and textured, these pretty tables were so easy on the eyes with soft neutrals and warm light pink!

DIY wedding photography centerpiece

I love how they carried the book theme to their centerpieces! Classic novel titles graced each whimsical grouping of flowers and found objects – I want the Pride and Prejudice table!

reception photography wedding california

The cute pendant banners found their way onto the backs of Heather and Travis’ chairs for a festive touch.

DIY pendant wedding

How about a game of croquet? We definitely approve of lawn games to keep the party spirit up!

DIY wedding photography

Heather and Travis take a moment to cuddle in their fancy outdoor tea room – it’s good to take a moment to relax on your big day!

california DIY romantic photography

Heather and Travis have such a special connection to eachother, we love how sparks fly when they’re together!

romantic wedding photography california

We love this venue! There were so many places to wrap yourself up in the enchanted garden atmosphere!

wedding portraits photography vintage

Heather’s gorgeous makeup and loose updo were perfect for the casual setting and antique-style theme!

wedding photography red DIY wedding


first dance photos california wedding

Even though the day was an emotional one, we love seeing two people this much in love!

reception photography california wedding


wedding photography night reception

The night ended with some rockin’ tunes and a lot of fun on the dance floor! Travis and Heather must be two of the most creative people we’ve ever met; their wedding showed off what amazing taste they share! We wish them all the best!


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  1. I love the straight to the sun pictures. It seems a new trend.Regards,Robert

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