Morgan Mondays: Details and More Details

Hi lovelies! I know it’s been a while since I’ve checked in on a Monday, but only because of the craziness that these past few months have been!

My wedding is fast approaching- April 12th! I only have a few weeks to nail down final details. Here are a few of my last-minute tips for things you may not have thought of… so you can be more prepared than I was!

modern engagement session

1. Take your Engagement photos early.

I procrastinated horribly with these. We couldn’t decide on a venue, and then the holidays rolled around, and a million other fun wedding things took president. No one nagged me to get this done like they had with invitations and bridesmaids’ dresses. It was still super fun and I loved our session last weekend (see our instagram for a sneak peek!) but we had to crunch it in to a nonstop month of crazy.

bottom line: do it while you’re still high from the proposal, not tired from planning your wedding!

green Grecian bridesmaid dresses

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

I was determined to burden my friends and family with absolutely nothing and handle all I could by myself. It really wasn’t that hard ( thank goodness I have a coordinator!) until things piled up a bit. Then one thing became ten things and deadlines all fell at the wrong moments. What I realized is that people actually want to feel included in your big day! My mom was hounding me for details and offering to help, my bridesmaids were begging for things to do – so I gave it to them! Obviously not more than their schedules/budgets/sanity would allow, but enough for me to cut down on my task list.

bottom line: when people offer to help, take them up on it!

3. Buy thank you notes and stamps in bulk and early

You’ll need stamps for Save the Dates, Invites, and many many thank you notes. And if you see romantic or wedding themed stamps, pick them up! Styles change all the time and aren’t guaranteed in stock. I had gorgeous roses for my STDs and had to settle for boring american flags for my invites (boo).

bottom line: plan ahead and stamp away!

bride first look reveal

4. If you’re drastically changing your hairstyle or beauty regamin do it way in advance

I’m not a diva by anyone’s standards, and it took me three tries and two hairstylists to achieve a shade of perfect blonde that didn’t clash with my pale pinky skin. If I hadn’t planned ahead, I might be stuck with bad highlights and exposed roots, or a bad, flat color for photos. The fiance chopped a lot of his locks off for our engagement shoot, but decided he still wanted to go shorter for the wedding. I tried a bronzer for my engagement shoot, and decided if I did want to go a little teensy bit tanner, I’d leave it to a professional with a spray nozzle. (streaky much?)

bottom line: allow time for cosmetic mistakes, especially if it takes time to fix them.

silly photos wedding party

5. Fit some fun in!

We’ve tried through this whole process to truly enjoy it. We invited the max amount of people to our food tasting, and gushed over the options together – resulting in 80% of our guests ordering the sea bass, because both our families deftly circulated how good it was to everyone invited! We took the time to go venue hunting with both sets of parents, so they both felt included in the wedding fun. I got my dress by myself (a serendipitous trunk show on vacation) but both my parents flew down to LA to see me in it when it finally came in. We drank champagne and totally enjoyed the moment. My mom and I are going back down to SoCal to pick it up after alterations, and we decided to hop over to Disneyland for a day to do one more mother-daughter outing while we still share a last name. The result is a year of planning with SO many memories made along the way.

bottom line: weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all involved, so be present, thankful, and enjoy it!

That’s all my darlings!

Have a wonderful week!

XOXO- Morgan Elizabeth


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