Harvest Inn Napa Valley Wedding Photos


Once upon a time there was a beautiful damsel named Evelyn, and a handsome gentleman named Robert. They both fell in love, and were to be betrothed at the Harvest Inn, located in Napa Valley. This beautiful couple had a fantasy themed Napa Valley Wedding that was to die for! From the Tinkerbelle-esk fuchsia and rustic colored lanterns, to the fascinating peach and purple floral centerpieces and bouquets. Not only was the scenery and décor reminiscent of Neverland, but the couple was dressed just as splendidly as the fairytale utopia surrounding them. Before the wedding, I snapped a few pictures of intimate moments between the captivating bride and her marvelous bridesmaids. Lovingly and merrily exchanging hugs, the bridesmaids expressed their joy for their lovely friend. As the bride began to get ready, upon her head, she wore a blossoming crown of flowers that were layered on intertwined bronze colored branches. Her wedding dress was lace, with a form-fitting bodice, trumpet skirt, and matching flowy lace sleeves. She looked like a majestic princess ready to meet her prince. Romance was floating through the air like fairy dust as I took photos of the lovely couple after the wedding under a blooming willow tree. Images of longing glances, heart fluttering kisses and delicate embraces danced through my lens. As the sun began to set behind us, this was the perfect time to photograph some of the astonishing scenery the Harvest Inn had to offer. My favorite had to be the aisle, it was breath-taking. Dowsed in iridescent white rose petals, the aisle lead up to an unreal, flower gate backdrop, that just added to the splendor of the fanciful garden. Evelyn and Robert’s wedding was nothing less than enchanting and charming. This Napa Valley photoshoot was definitely one for the books. Want to have dazzling photos taken by our Milou and Olin Photography Team? Well follow the link below and sign up for a consultation with us. Also, sign up for our newsletter below and follow us on our social media platforms @MilouAndOlinPhotography on Instagram, and look us up on Facebook at Milou and Olin Photography. Through these platforms, we’ll send you updates, and notifications about our upcoming deals, services and our latest success stories. Check out more of our talented photographers work through our home page, and don’t miss out on having the perfect photographers for your wedding! Sign up today!

Photography by: Don




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