Boudoir Spotlight: Allie

Allie is one of our favorite boudoir beauties – she’s super tall and super gorgeous! Not to mention ridiculously sweet.

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Read on for why she loves herself – all 175 inches! sexy boudoir sacramento I Milou + Olin

What do you love about yourself? 

At 6’3″ I tower over the average woman…and man. Gawking stares and inquiries about my athletic ambitions are commonplace in any public outing. There has not been a day that has gone by since I reached 6ft in 8th grade where I have not been asked if I play basketball or volleyball, ironically two sports in which a possess no skill.
Certain things are more challenging for those who excel in altitude. Jeans that reach the floor are a worthless ambition…every pair of pants are capris. Heels are pretty and fun…if you like ducking through doorways and scaring bouncers. And spooning makes you feel like a giantess.
But I love every inch if my lankiness…all 175inches!

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I love it when old ladies ask for me to get things off the shelf for them at the grocery store. I love intimidating people just a little bit when I first meet them, at least until they know me for more than two minutes. I love that it is impossible to lose me in a crowd. I love being noticed when I walk into a room…Amazon sightings are evidently rare out in the wild. And I love that only the most handsome, strong and confident man was brave enough to ask me out, so that I didn’t have to go through the chaos of serial dating. Yea for being married and locked down! There may not be a lot of male prospects lined up when you’re over 6 ft but being tall sure does weed out some potential heart break.
One might say that my size would steal away my femininity. But I would say that my confidence declares that I am proud to be a woman, and tall. Despite the attention that my height draws, the confidence that I posses is unrelated to my size, it comes from knowing my worth and my beauty. The worth and beauty that every single woman possesses. So stand tall, so that every inch of your beauty is made a declaration. Because the most attractive eye-catching feature is not some genetic trait that you were lucky enough to be born with but the beauty that was created because you were born.

We love you Allie!

xoxo – Milou + Olin


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